25 March 2024 Foxdrill contributes to sustainable future energy source

Geothermal energy can play an important role in the energy transition. It is sustainable, reliable, predictable and available everywhere in the world. However, the water that contains the heat cannot be extracted from the ground everywhere. It depends on the subsoil, the rocks and layers of the earth. To get a better picture of our subsoil, Energie Beheer Nederland and TNO are carrying out the SCAN programme. This involves seismic research and exploratory drilling. Wagenborg Foxdrill is also involved.

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17 March 2023 Wagenborg Foxdrill joins Geothermie Nederland

Wagenborg Foxdrill recently joined Geothermie Nederland, the Dutch industry association for geothermal energy. Geothermie Nederland unites companies and organisations that are active in the Dutch geothermal sector and dedicates itself and its members to the availability of sustainable and affordable heat for citizens and companies.

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