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Foxdrill in a nutshell

Globally active in the energy sector since 1967

Team with unparalleled work ethic and flexibility    

Large complement of own operational experts and crew

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Experience with Operators, Drilling contractors and Service companies

We provide our services with pride. Our history and experience dates back to 1967.


Starting out as drilling contractor, we reinvented ourselves as an all round service provider to the oil, gas and renewable industries, providing a range of services ranging from installation and assembly activities to inspections and maintenance.


Our competent teams can work in any environment and we live up to any challenge you might have for us. In a cooperative spirit, Wagenborg Foxdrill thoroughly prepares any task and plans for success. Clear HSEQ objectives, solid HSEQ performance and the latest in safety, quality and rope access certification underlines that we are a reliable partner. 


Wagenborg Foxdrill goes the extra mile when it comes to understanding the needs of our customers. We translate them into safe and innovative solutions in the field of maintenance, technology and logistics, while keeping an eye on efficiency and costs. Clarity, trust and respect are our core values.


As part of the Royal Wagenborg group, we have access to a variety of supporting expertise so that we can team up for even more added value.

The Royal Wagenborg Group

Founded in 1898, Royal Wagenborg is an international maritime logistics conglomerate. The family owned and managed company offers a variety of maritime services, being a total solution provider with regard to shipping, offshore services, towage services, maritime management services, warehousing and transshipment, crane rental and special and heavy transport.


Wagenborg has built a strong global commercial network with offices in Sweden, Finland, Greece, Spain, Canada, Russia, the Philippines and China. Overall they are managed out of Delfzijl headquarters.


With about 3,000 employees Wagenborg serves clients predominantly in the Baltic, northwest Europe, the Mediterranean, the Americas and the far East.

Latest News

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25 March 2024 Foxdrill contributes to sustainable future energy source

Geothermal energy can play an important role in the energy transition. It is sustainable, reliable, predictable and available everywhere in the world. However, the water that contains the heat cannot be extracted from the ground everywhere. It depends on the subsoil, the rocks and layers of the earth. To get a better picture of our subsoil, Energie Beheer Nederland and TNO are carrying out the SCAN programme. This involves seismic research and exploratory drilling. Wagenborg Foxdrill is also involved.

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02 February 2024 Mixtank overhaul

Wagenborg Foxdrill's maintenance team recently completed the total overhaul of a mixtank. This tank has been used extensively in onshore well testing operations for more than three years. So it was high time for a major overhaul by the Foxdrill specialists.

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30 November 2023 Masterpiece in offshore lifting

The Wagenborg Foxdrill team recently completed a very special offshore lifting project: dismantling of a complete derrick on an offshore platform about 50 kilometers off the coast of Congo.

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