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Full service conductor installation services - Onshore & Offshore

  • 50+ years experience

  • Flexible & Professional

  • Batch installation & deviated conductors

Reduce your costs, risks, and headaches!

Wagenborg Foxdrill provides full service conductor installation for off- and onshore drilling industry. Using our fleet of IHC hammers and our custom installation equipment, we can ensure a quick and professional installation with minimal impact. Our full range of services can include conductor supply, driveability studies, shoe preparation and installation, and lump sum installation.


Conductor driving onshore is typically quicker, cheaper, and more flexible than drilling & cementing ensuring your wells start-off properly.

Offshore Conductor Installation

Wagenborg Foxdrill has installed conductors offshore all over the world. Our 40+ years of conductor installation experience and our fleet of S90 & S150 hammers ensure that we have the tools and the best approach to reach target depth. Our personnel frequently support other hammering operations (i.e. for piling and offshore wind) and are qualified on all sizes of hammers.


We can advise or consult on your operations to provide driveability studies, ensure suitability of equipment, budgets, and feasibility.

  • Well maintained equipment

  • Professional and experienced

  • Global Operations

Onshore Services - One Stop Shop

We offer complete one stop shop solutions, from driveability studies, conductor supply, preparation and supply of shoes, and installation of conductors to all markets including Oil, Gas, Salt mining, Geothermal, and disposal wells.

Conductor driving is often quicker, cheaper, and cleaner than drilling and cementing. To further reduce your cost, Wagenborg has a range of installation frames and solutions geared at quick and reliable installation.

We have experience in batch installations with minimal skidding tolerances, deviated conductors, and installing a wide range of diameters throughout Europe and abroad. We can install conductors both on unprepared sites and prepared cellars, taking conductor installation out of the critical path of your wellsite project.

  • Cost effective & quick installation

  • Small footprint - can work on unprepared locations

  • Less mess - no cementing required

Conductor Installation Support

Wagenborg Foxdrill regularly supports conductor installation for all markets. We can install conductors using our fleet of IHC Hammers or provide personnel and advice for other pile driving operations (such as piling, wind energy, etc.).


Our personnel is trained on all types of IHC equipment and to various offshore safety requirements enabling installation support all over the world. We can also provide service and maintenance support for IHC hammers.

  • Highly Trained Professionals

  • In House Engineering

  • Decades of experience


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