HSEQ at Wagenborg Foxdrill

  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 45001
  • FPAL Registered

It's in our blood

Within Wagenborg Foxdrill Health, Safety, Environment & Quality is part of our DNA. We provide services and expertise on which our clients depend.


Whether it is assembling a massive offshore derrick, coordinating a multimodal rig move, carrying out a DROPS inspection at height, or a rig full condition survey while taking into account hundreds of standards. We are reliable and make sure that all risks are identified and managed properly.


We feel it is important that HSEQ is safeguarded through the entire supply chain and this can only be achieved with a proactive stance. This is reflected in the attitudes of our employees and the range of certifications and branche organisation memberships held by our company.


Wagenborg Foxdrill holds the following memberships:

  • IRATA member
  • FPAL Verified
  • DROPS Certified
  • IADC Member
  • IRO Member
  • LEEA Certified

For more information on our HSEQ standards and policies, please reach out!


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