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Wagenborg Foxdrill has been providing rig move services globally for over 50 years. Our experience covers all types of rig and substructure designs. Our vast experience enables us to plan effectively and advise on the exact resources required to most efficiently move your rig. We provide consultancy services for establishing rig move manuals, improve rig move times, and advise operators on improving their total rig move costs. Within the Wagenborg group, we also provide total solutions for overseas shipping including cranes, shipping, and complete logistical services – your complete rig move logistics from one single contact – Safely and Efficiently.

Rig Move Services

Wagenborg Foxdrill rig move services can be tailor made to include:

  • Complete rig move services

  • Road and route inspections

  • Transport planning

  • Lifting plans

  • Resource planning

  • Provision and coordination of trucking and cranes including permit applications

  • Provision of personnel (supervision and assistance)

  • Project management

  • Onshore & platform to platform

  • Rigging services

Additional synergies of services can apply when we are consulted for derrick/rig inspections and DROPS surveys.

Full Service Provider of Complete Logistics

Wagenborg Foxdrill are a full logistics provider. Through our sister companies, we offer:

  • heavy lifting/ cranes

  • shipping

  • agency services

  • port services

  • temporary storage, etc. 

The various synergies provided reduce your shipping costs while keeping the entire door to door rig move service with one single point of contact.

Rig Move Consultancy Services

Let our rig move expertise reduce your costs and increase your safety. Wagenborg Foxdrill provides consultancy services to support your rig move operations. These service can include:

  • Inspections

  • Observance (on site rig move analysis)

  • Rig move manuals

  • Lift plans

  • Regulatory advice

We also provide advice to operators on rig move & lifting and consultation services to advise on fleet wide improvements to reduce costs.

Not Just a Rig Mover

Our rig move crews  and rig move consultants are multi-skilled. During a rig move or consultancy project , we can carry out combined scopes by including  our other services such as inspections (such as DROPS, API 4G, etc.), maintenance on your rig or equipment, NDT, welding, Rope access work to save you mobilisation and other costs.


Rig Move & Consultancy

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