Wagenborg Foxdrill joins Geothermie Nederland
17 March 2023

Wagenborg Foxdrill joins Geothermie Nederland

Wagenborg Foxdrill recently joined Geothermie Nederland, the Dutch industry association for geothermal energy. Geothermie Nederland unites companies and organisations that are active in the Dutch geothermal sector and dedicates itself and its members to the availability of sustainable and affordable heat for citizens and companies.

'Geothermal projects are becoming increasingly important to us,' says Eric Quinlan, Commercial Manager at Wagenborg Foxdrill. 'For these projects, we perform rig moves, conductor installations, and rig acceptance services similar to conventional energy projects. Especially in the field of conductor installation projects and regulatory compliance, our expertise and experience comes in handy.

Conductor installation

‘We have already installed hundreds of conductors at various locations in the Netherlands for oil & gas projects as well as salt extraction and geothermal energy. Our conductor installation method is often faster and more efficient than drilling.


We have plenty of experience installing conductors down to a depths of 90-100 meters, and also in performing so-called deviated conductors and batch installations for skidding rigs. In the field of conductor installation, we can therefore meet any challenge in geothermal energy.’


‘In terms of regulations or so-called regulatory compliance, the deployment of a drilling rig in a geothermal project can only commence after approving very comprehensive documentation on the technical condition of the rig that will be deployed and of the drilling contractor's management and maintenance systems. A complex process in which a small omission can result in the postponement of drilling activities, with all its consequences.'


'In preparing this HSE case documentation, we can make a difference: Wagenborg Foxdrill has some in-house experts who are very well acquainted with these legal regulations and the required documentation for a drilling rig at a geothermal project.


We also offer a more holistic approach to rig acceptance for geothermal operators, the HOT assessment, which further ensures that an operator knows not only the technical capabilities of a rig, but also those of the drilling contractors crews, management and maintenance systems.'

Logical step

'Considering our increasing activities for geothermal projects and the added value we can offer here with our highly qualified specialist services and our expertise in regulatory compliance, joining Geothermie Nederland is a logical step. Quinlan concludes:

'We are happy to contribute to the further development of safe geothermal projects in the Netherlands!'


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