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Wagenborg Foxdrill’s highly experiences specialists can support you through identifying risks to well sites and operations, improvement opportunities and ultimately support cost reduction. A structured approach combined with the implementation of your specific requirements and standards ensures a comprehensive understanding of actual asset and/or process performance.

The range of services we provide ensures that any operation or asset can be assessed and that any compliance question can be answered.

Independent Audits to verify compliance

The goal of our independent audits is to verify compliance of assets and operations to your requirements and standards. From ISO and API to your specific standards and requirements, our auditors are experienced in identifying risks. Our standard scope includes a kick-off to ensure that our specialists are aligned with your specific goals and area's of interest/concern.


From HSE audits to combined well control audits, our competent auditors provide you with the information need to support your operations and targets.


One of our compliance related services includes ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements which can include drafting or controlling rig HSE cases, Written Scheme of Verifications, Safety & Environmentally Critical Elements (SECE) etc.

Rig Surveys & Inspections

Wagenborg Foxdrill offers professional, independent rig inspections & surveys on all types of onshore and offshore drilling rigs, platforms, and well sites. Examples of the inspections we conduct include mechanical surveys, electrical surveys, EX surveys, HSE surveys, compliance surveys and selection surveys.


Our rig surveys can be performed on a complete rig or limited to specific areas and equipment, such as well control, drilling equipment, mud system, and also the maintenance process and systems. Our custom and client specific surveys result in a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and operability of your equipment and systems. Any potential problem areas can be highlighted in time, to assist with preventing expensive equipment downtime or reduced start-up delays.


Wagenborg Foxdrill can perform inspections and surveys incorporating a variety of international standards and regulations including API, IEC, ATEX, DNV, ISO. Where required we can combine them with client specific standards as well. 

Rig Readiness

Getting a thorough understanding of a rig’s condition and capability is essential to ensure it can meet your requirements. An extensive set of criteria, specifically aligned with your operations and standards, form the basis of an independent assessment. Our specialists excel in assessing equipment and reporting findings in a thorough manner. On site we team up with rig personnel in a cooperative and positive atmosphere to support an efficient operation for all involved and minimising time spent on site and costs.

The operational capability of your contractors does not only rely on equipment alone. The complex dynamics, organisation, and systems involved in drilling and wellsite operations may be difficult to assess. Wagenborg Foxdrill offers our HOT Assessment (Human, Operations, Technical) to support operators in gaining additional valuable insight in the operational readiness of a drilling asset and its supporting organisation.

Well Control Assurance

Well controll is a key aspect of safe drilling activities. Being such a complex matter, external verification of equipment, personnel and processes is a necessity.


Wagenborg Foxdrill has extensive experience in providing independent verification experts for well controll assurance activities. An integrated approach will provide clients with a thorough understanding of compliance and competence in relation to equipment and personnel involved in drilling and well site operations.

Dropped Object Surveys

Dropped objects are among the biggest safety hazards within industrial environments and on oil & gas assets in particular. Intensive use of assets combined with dynamic operating environments and high personel numbers within small area's makes the hazard of falling objects one not to take lightely.


Wagenborg Foxdrill supports asset owners and other responsible parties with expertise to reduce this hazard in various ways:

  • Dropped object surveys to assess assets and sites on current and potentially falling objects

  • Review of your DROPS management system and its actual implementation on site.

  • Support with correcting DROPS related findings by means of installing safety netting, removal of obsolete items at height, replacing fasteners and fixtures, advice on tools at height use, etc.

We are member of the DROPSonline community to support reducing this hazard industry wide and to ensure that our service are delivered in accordance with industry best practice.


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