Training with Smart Lifting Tool
02 January 2023

Training with Smart Lifting Tool

Wagenborg Foxdrill recently organized a special testing and training session at their own training facility in Oldenzaal. For a series of expected upcoming projects, extensive training with a very special lifting tool took place: the floating ginpole.

Modular lifting mast

The floating ginpole is a modular lifting mast consisting of connectable segments, each 4 meters long. Thus any desired configuration can be built to carry out a customized lifting solution.


Using lifting cables and chain hoists, the ginpole is suspended in a structure, for example the derrick of a drilling rig. The top of the ginpole is equipped with a swivel and  fitted with a lifting wire.


Using tirfors, the ginpole is brought into the right lifting position to perform the required lifting operations.

Ingenious tool

A very handy, flexible and efficient system, that floating ginpole. That is why this ingenious tool will soon be used for a complex offshore lifting job: dismantling the upper part of a derrick on an offshore platform off the coast of Congo.

Training center

In preparation for this project, the Foxdrill team trained in setting up and working with the floating ginpole. In fact, Wagenborg Foxdrill's training center has its own 32 meter tall training derrick. A perfect simulation environment for rigging up and testing the ginpole.


During the training days, all kinds of scenarios were tested and trained and the findings fed back into the preparations for the project itself.



The Foxdrill specialists will soon be well prepared for the real work! 

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