Inventive anode mounting solution for Caturix
13 July 2023

Inventive anode mounting solution for Caturix

Wagenborg Foxdrill's rope access team is about to embark on a special project: the installation of up to 288 anodes on the legs of the Caturix jack-up platform. The work is taking place at Dixstone Shipyard Holland's yard in Nieuwdorp, Zeeland, where the Caturix is currently undergoing a conversion.

Challenging project

Frédéric Gremillet, project manager at Dixstone: "The legs of the Caturix are over 120 metres high. Not all sides are equally accessible and some anodes have to be mounted on the inside of the legs. On top of that, the anodes weigh 112 kilos each and we are working to a tight schedule. More than enough challenges. Wagenborg Foxdrill proposed an alternative to the standard solution. After all, their experience and expertise in complex work at height has helped Dixstone in previous projects".



Outside the box

"This project is right up our team of engineers and rope access specialists' alley," continues Sander Hilbrink, Project Manager at Wagenborg Foxdrill. "They think outside the box, have a wealth of knowledge and have gained extensive experience on a wide range of projects around the world. This is the basis for a safe and efficient solution for mounting the anodes on the legs of the Caturix".

Clever combination

"The assembly method is a clever combination of lifting and rope access techniques", says Hilbrink. "For example, we use a suspended bridge in combination with winches to work on the outside of the legs. For the installation of the anodes on the inner sides, we use rope access, which is the fastest way of working here. Our solution limits the use of cranes, which improves the flexibility and planning of the assembly work."


"All in all, this combined working method is efficient, safe and much faster than other alternatives."



The Foxdrill team is currently engaged in detailed engineering and work preparation for the anode project. Work on the Caturix will commence in mid-July.

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