Working at Height Requires Mentality & Professionalism

Working at Height Requires Mentality & Professionalism

Starting out as a drilling contractor, Wagenborg Foxdrill is now an all-round service provider for the oil, gas and renewables industry, offering a range of services ranging from installation and assembly work to inspections and maintenance. Quinlan: “In practice, our competent teams often work at great heights. This is, of course, a challenging work environment. That is why we prepare all activities extensively, plan down to the last detail, and train our employees regularly. We target clear HSEQ objectives and solid performance. With this we strive for safe and innovative solutions in the field of maintenance, inspection and repair of (drilling) installations on land and offshore locations.”

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Eric Quinlan

Commercial Manager

Hidden Gem

The former drillship Hidden Gem came into the port of Rotterdam at the end of August 2021. Her owner bought this vessel with the intention of making it suitable for collecting manganese nodules from the seabed. For this purpose, the condition of the drilling rig and its equipment was investigated and the owner developed a scope of work based on all findings. “The scope included removing equipment from the derrick, replacing bolts, repairs to the derrick and items in the derrick, and other work,” said Quinlan. “After close consultation with the owner and a signed contract, we mobilized a team of four for support on the Hidden Gem.”

“Customers choose us because of the professionalism and mentality of our people”

Rope Access

Many activities on and in the derrick are not accessible to mobile cranes or other equipment. Rope access is then the only way in which this work can be performed in a safe, reliable and cost-efficient manner. Quinlan: “By using the proven safe IRATA Rope Access system based on two independently anchored ropes, Wagenborg Foxdrill is able to carry out the most diverse work at height in a very safe and efficient manner.


From inspections to installation projects, rope access has unique advantages over other access methods, including lower costs and higher flexibility.”

Peoples Work

Wagenborg Foxdrill has extensive experience in applying rope access in maintenance, inspection and repair work. “All our riggers have their rope access certificate, several are even trained to IRATA level 3, making them both experts in rope technical terms and competent in managing the team on site. This means that the level of quality belongs at the top of the market and that is generally known. We often hear from customers after projects have been completed that the people at Foxdrill make the difference”, concludes Quinlan.

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